Monday, February 14, 2011

Can Bacon Put You in a Coma? Happy VALENTINE'S Day!

Yes, yes it can, apparently.

With all the hullabaloo on Valentine's Day and since I was kind of a BIOTCH to my hubby on Sunday - although he'd never ever EVER admit it - we found ourselves exchanging the token Hallmark Card and didn't make plans for dinner. During the day, we hopped on Facebook and it went something like this:

Hus: Whatcha say about having Breakfast for dinner tonight and we can go out to dinner tomorrow?
Me: Nothing says, "I love you." like BACON!
Hus: Totally.
Me: Sounds like a plan.

He totally gets me.

So we got home and started cooking tandem in the kitchen, which is normally a recipe for disaster. First of all, I sort of cook like a Tazmanian Devil. He likes to keep an orderly kitchen throughout the process. So occasionally, when he's in the kitchen and I'm cooking, I'll be a bit more tidy than I normally would, but it's no where near enough. And tonight? I was pretty much doing a great job, if I do say so myself. Secondly? We don't ooze teamwork while we're in the kitchen. If I'm in his way - for example, standing at the sink and he needs to get some water? He'll just stand behind me...and not say anything like a NORMAL person would. It should go, "Excuse me, Honey..I need some water." and then I'd be all, "Sure babycakes, no problemo." Only it goes more like, *sensing that someone is behind me and breathing*...I turn around and notice him standing there looking at the back of my head, "Dude! Just say 'Excuse me, MAN!' and I'll get out of the way!!!!!" Sometimes there are more exclamation points involved depending on what time of the month it is...if you know what I'm sayin....

HOWEVER, tonight was fairly tame - on account of it being Valentine's Day and all. I was in charge of the hashbrowns and pancakes and he was in charge of the bacon and scrambled eggs. I feel like I may have gotten the raw end of the deal, but I was wearing Yoga Pants, and when I'm in my Yoga Pants, ya'll can get away with MURDER, most of the time.

Now we sit here, after all the dinner has been consumed and tossing around all the ways you can combine the words "breakfast" and "dinner". I settled on "Brekinner"...although the rest of the family isn't sold on that one.

We are weird. We know this. You don't need to sit there and judge us. If you were spilling your guts in a blog, I bet your life would seem a wee bit like it was on the pathetic side too!

So now, there are three people on the couch...just sitting there...trying to act like they know all the answers to Jeopardy and looking like they are in a Bacon Coma. And here I sit...recording this moment in history. For you. You are WELCOME readers. I love you THAT much.

Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. I should let you all know that my wonderful hubby who proposed to me 20 years ago on Valentine's Day came home with a beautiful freckled Orchid plant for me and THE most delectable cupcake known to man! So prior to my Bacon Coma, I was in a sugar coma. LIFE. IS. GOOD.

  2. I think I'm in !!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

  3. Woohoo, MoM!!!! Good Job!!! I can't beleive I stumbled upon that setting thing!! YAY!