About Me

Where comedy and the kitchen, MEET! Welcome to my BLOG. The goal with this blog is to get you excited about being in the kitchen, make you laugh out loud and maybe, just maybe get you to try out some recipes while learning some tips and reading about various Kitchen Gadgets - which is really a fun thing for me. 

My name is Carmen. You can call me Carm - everyone else does...why shouldn't YOU? I'm a mother of two gorgeous girls and a wife to my wonderful husband - who is an AWESOME cook as well! We have a dog named Sierra...she almost died once. She ate a latex glove. "Where would she get a LATEX GLOVE???", you ask?  Well...turns out that it's ALL MY FAULT! I enjoy cooking, but some of the jobs that are involved with cooking I DO NOT ENJOY - one of which is to touch raw chicken. I can't do it. My fix? LATEX GLOVES. We don't know exactly how long that glove had been tumbling around in her tummy, but it got to a point where it had decided it had been in there long enough (and we think we're talking months here, people...MONTHS) and well...it sorta got lodged and stuck during the "launch sequence" and $5k later, she's still with us...and we're still making payments on the sweet girl. Totally worth it. She is only 8 years old and has tons more love to give. I'm sure there will be many stories that include her. Here are some pictures to satisfy your curiosity.

Sierra the WonderDog!
My Hubby and I
My Katiebug
My Alissaboo
I've created a twitter account : DelishyDishy all posts that are created on this blog will be posted to twitter, so add me and you'll be notified there. We also have a Facebook Fan page being created. Stay tuned for that!