Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How I LOVE THEE Indochine!

Last night was AWESOME!!! Hubby and I will either go out on our Valentine's Date the day before or the day after Valentine's Day just to simply beat or miss the crowds, and this year was no exception.

After hearing about how incredible the food is at Indochine by my husband who eats there once every couple of months, he mentioned it for our V-day dinner and I jumped at the chance!!! My mouth instantly started watering and I hopped online to plan my attack of the menu. I'm getting more and more adventurous with my palette but, I still shy away from some things and scrunch my nose at others. BUT NOT TONIGHT!!!

We started with the Fresh Spring Rolls. They looked exactly like the picture - minus the orchids...but they were DELICIOUS! I could have crawled inside one of those suckers and ate my way out, but I was on a I resisted the urge. I did however, pound down my share to the point that my husband was all, "GEEZ! Did you eat BOTH of yours already?!" and I said something like, "Mfuh-hufgh". We appreciate lots of Asian food, including Fresh Spring Rolls, but I gotta say, the sauce that accompanys the rolls can make it or break it for me, and Indochine COMPLETELY satisfied me. I wanted to swim LAPS in that sauce.


We ordered the Spicy Basil Beef (three stars) and the Gang Curry Chicken (also, 3 stars - pictured). They also offer brown rice, yellow (curry) rice and steamed rice. You can elect to have all three in a bowl, which we did. As if the Spring Rolls weren't delicious enough...when our main dishes got there I almost caused a SCENE! The curry dish was filled to the BRIM of the serving platter. And the Basil Beef dish was piled high and mighty! At this point my hands were shaking with excitement as I started dishing up my plate with the rice first - some of each kind, and then the beef followed by the curry chicken.

HEAVEN ON A PLATE, PEOPLE! I just drooled a little just thinking of that first bite of curry that I tasted.

The ambiance of the restaurant was really lovely. Modern with lovely fabrics draped in the windows and real, honest to goodness Orchids on our table. Our waiter could have been a wee bit more attentive, but I got the feeling he was new and it didn't appear that any of the other guests were lacking service, so I will give him a pass. We had a window seat right across from the History Museum and enjoyed watching the traffic pass while we enjoyed each others company.

I think that I will try my hand at making the spring rolls at home sometime soon. I just really need to get my hands on that sauce that they used.  Oh yeah...and I promised a recipe for MY curry chicken! I'm gonna have to make it soon and take notes!!! YUM!!

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  1. Note to self: do not read this stuff when hungry. That place sounds amazing. Promise me the 4 of us will go there one day since I'm about to be your neighbor? :) I love this blog. You are the most funny food reviewer ever!