Monday, October 17, 2011

TRICKS or Treats? I say TRICKS!

Happy HALLOWEEN, DDITK readers!!!

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. You have no idea. We started quite a trend for over the top decorating in our neighborhood and our entire block gets into it! We've got fog machines on both ends of the street, from our speakers runs a continuous loop of "Thriller" and my personal fave "Superstitious" by Stevie Wonder. You can hear it from 2 blocks up.

Here's a photo of our house:

As you can see...we get a little nutso and yes, that's a 20' spider on the front of our house.

We're not a typical house to visit while trick or treating, we like to raise the bar a little bit. Let me explain.

When I was a little girl, one of my most memorable trick or treating experiences was when this lady who was dressed up like a nasty old witch, made me dig in a slime filled bowl for my treat. I was forever changed.

Today, when my house is visited by the many ghosts and goblins and Snooki's, I, too play a trick on my t' or t'ers. I make them dig in a bowl full of jell-o to get their treats. We buy full sized candy bars at costco and shove them in a bowl that is about 2' wide and about 9" deep - and it's FULL of JELL-O!

The kids love it! We have over 200 trick or treaters every year. For those that are too cool or are too little to dig in the slime, I hand out non-slimy fruit roll-ups.

I keep a bucket of warm water at the bottom of our stairs and keep two towels on the railing so that hands can be dried as well as the candy can get dunked into the bucket. The first year I bought some cheap-o ziploc bags and had each t or t'er place their candy in the baggie...but the warm water and towel works much better and is MUCH more cost effective.

There's no reason you can't switch it up on YOUR trick or treaters this year and when they say, "Trick or Treat?" you can let out your spookiest giggle and tell them TRICK!!!!!!!!

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