Thursday, March 1, 2012

When your Kitchenaid Mixer decides to be a Jerk Face...

About 3 months ago my glorious and fabulous husband was making bread - as he typically does - yes, I'm spoiled...and he's MINE!!!!

As he was pouring the ingredients into the mixer bowl and set it to mix the dough...the unimaginable happened! IT. STOPPED. SPINNING. This is not good, people. NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!!

Our knee-jerk reaction was, "Shit. Now we have to buy a new one." Okay...I'll be honest...maybe that was MY knee-jerk reaction. But you can be sure that hubby's heart sank a little and I'm sure the thought entered his mind that we'd have to drop another $300-$400 smackers on a new one. But he did something pretty brilliant. He lit up the computer and went straight to YouTube.

YouTube is pretty freaking awesome - for a lot of reasons - but right now? I'm telling you it's awesome because there is a video there that explains step-by-step how to fix the little nylon gear that typically gets stripped and for about $10 you can get it operating again - JUST. LIKE. NEW! read that right. TEN SMACKEROOS!!!!

So, I'm going to go ahead and link the video here because - let's face it...if you HAVE a Kitchenaid mixer, chances are this will happen to you at some point. It will. It's designed to make this particular part fail after time. But when you take your Kitchenaid mixer apart, you'll realize the rest of the machine is built like a brick shit-house. It's one SOLID piece of machinery. If you ever doubt spending the money on one of these kitchen gadgets...DO IT!

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