Monday, April 9, 2012

DDITK Chocolate Pie

Ever since I saw Keri Russell in "The Waitress"...I've get on these:
crusades. Only...I never get enough inspiration of my own to get off my butt to make something. UNTIL  YESTERDAY!

The whole family was on it's way over for Easter Dinner. We had the ham, scalloped AND mashed potatoes, fresh homemade rolls, fruit salad, deviled eggs and all the little snacky things you could ask for - JELLY BEANS A'PLENTY - dessert.

This is where it gets exciting, y'all!! I GOT OFF OF MY BUTT AND DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

I knew I could make a killer pie crust. CHECK! Then I got to thinking about what we had in the way of pie fillings...I do you make a chocolate pie from scratch? Then I thought - SCREW THAT! I HAVE A BOX OF CHOCOLATE PUDDING RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!! Then I was thinking - How can I jazz this up a bit? Throwing hot pudding into a baked pie crust is sort of a cop-out. I didn't want to be LAME..afterall, we had quite the spread planned...I didn't want the final thing people ate in my house to be an underwhelming, boring, uninspired dessert. NO SIREE BOB!

I was thinking - frozen strawberries (only because I didn't have FRESH ones) - meh...I don't want LAME frozen strawberries all limp and soggy in my chocolate pie. NEXT. Then I saw it. BUTTERSCOTCH CHIPS!!!! As I was cooking the pudding, I dumped 1/2 a bag of butterscotch chips in that mix and melted them in. I was looking about about 2 cups worth of filling for my beautifully flaky pie crust when it it hit me! WHIPPIN' CREAM! I whipped some up and folded it into the pudding mix after it had cooled a little bit.

THEN I HAD ANOTHER GREAT IDEA! Melt some more of the butterscotch chips and "paint" the pie crust with it and let it cool so that the pudding wouldn't make the crust soggy. BRILLIANCE!!!!

I dumped the pudding mixture into the pie crust and let it get all happy and Jello-ey in the fridge until after dinner.

IT. WAS. PERFECT!!!!! Also - it was super easy. Just use a refrigerated pie crust if you're not the type to throw a quick pie crust together. :o)

I would LOVE to hear about any quickie side dishes or desserts that you've thrown together that just turned out KILLER!! Leave me a comment. Let me know you're out there.

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