Thursday, June 16, 2011

Facebook and Cooking = BAD IDEA!!

Hello DDITK readers!!!

It's been a long time - again. HOWEVER, last night I was cooking away in the kitch and thought I'd try a little experiment. I wanted to make Mexican Rice to accompany my Pork "Carm"-itas! So I do I do this? I didn't want to cheat by going online, so I just used my noggin and came up with something that turned out truly yummy, except for one teeny tiny little glitch! We'll get to that later.

I love Jasmine Rice. CAN I GET AN AMEN?! I use it when I cook Thai Curry, I use it when I do stir fry. It's just so aromatic and flowery and DELISH! So here's the ingredients I used:

2 cups of rice
1 can of chicken broth
1 can of water (using the chicken broth cup)
1/2 can of your favorite enchilada sauce

I like to get the pan to a boil, give the rice a final stir, slap the lid on and then I'll either turn the burner completely off or I'll put it as low as it'll go so that it can just steam in there. Takes about 20 minutes.

SO THAT'S HOW I NORMALLY WOULD HAVE DONE IT!!!! Before I decided to try this experiment, I was having a rather intelligent conversation about how Tim's Cascade Jalepeño Potato Chips make my eyelids sweat. I admit it, the conversation went on too long, and when I went in to check on the was boiling like crazy and well, when I went to stir it, I knew I was doomed. It was sticking to the bottom a little. *sigh* I have to say, that while I did burn the lower layer that was on the bottom of the pan, it added a smokiness to the rice and it wasn't all that bad!! I mean my kids ate you KNOW it wasn't too horrible!!

So the moral of the story is: Cooking and Facebook DO NOT MIX, PEOPLE!!!!! And also, Tim's Cascade Jalepeño Chips make my eyelids sweat. Who'dda thought those two things would ever be related??


  1. Love jasmine rice too! Say, have you played around with black bean brownies? I'm trying to lower my LDL (cutting out the fat wherever I can) and came across the raging debate of APPLESAUCE vs YOGURT in making low fat brownies. Then I found Black Bean Brownies, which I think count as a vegetable serving, no?

  2. Black Bean Brownies...WOW. I can honestly say I have never ever played around NOR heard of such a thing. I'm obviously not all that much of a health nut, but I can say that a Black Bean Brownie would have to be something that you gave me under the guise of a REGULAR brownie and then after I told you how moist and delish they were, you'd have to spring the news on me. What I'm saying is...I can't be certain I would take a bite knowing full well that it was a Black Bean Brownie. Now that I've taken the Debbie Downer approach to your comment, I thought I'd end it on an UP TEMPO "GIT ER DUN" beat and offer you this recipe that I just found...and I'll admit...the pictures look AWESOME!

  3. I thought the same way until I tried this! The first batch wasn't too bad but the second batch where I switched to kidney beans (still looks like brownies - the cocoa color seems to be dominant), drained, drained, drained, rinsed, rinsed, rinsed, and then pureed the crap out of them with the eggbeaters egg whites was so fudgy I could not tell beans were involved!

  4. I was actually using this recipe, (very good) but I checked out the one you posted and that looks awesome!

    Just don't tell the kids they're eating beans.